Distribution Overview

Press Release Distribution

EIN Presswire has a distribution footprint that reaches millions, including journalists, businesses, and industry professionals.
  • Get Syndicated on Major News Sites – Your press release will be reprinted on an ever-growing list of highly search engine visible industry and country relevant third-party publisher sites as well as EIN Presswire’s publications
  • Immediate Reprints on US T.V. and Radio Station Sites – When targeting the US, your release will show up on NBC, FOX, CBS affiliate sites and dozens of radio station sites across the country.
  • Hit the Wires – We are the world-leading online international newswire service. Leveraging our enterprise-level news aggregation, our newswires surface and organize news from every U.S. state, and country provides worldwide proprietary distribution to journalists, editorial rooms, and millions of readers.
  • Get Delivered to Mobile Devices – Our cutting-edge news apps deliver breaking and topical news directly to users’ mobile devices, including relevant press releases from our newswires.
  • Gain Direct Access to Media & Newsrooms Worldwide – Our World Media Directory is a comprehensive, preeminent database of human-curated details to editorial desks and journalists. We deliver your press release directly into these newsrooms for maximum exposure.
  • Pushed Direct into Leading News Aggregators and Research Tools – We are a Google News provider and feed our releases into Bloomberg Terminals, LexisNexis, Naviga and MenaFN.
  • Go Viral on Social Media – EIN Presswire curates over 150 content, and regionally topical breaking news feeds on Twitter and Facebook. We mix your press releases into the relevant feeds to maximize reach and enable viral opportunities.
  • Leverage SEO Benefits – We show up organically through dominant SEO positioning, and by hosting your press release, you’ll get high-quality backlinks and see your release almost immediately in major search engines.