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"As soon as somebody hits our website, we're automatically seen as an authority in our niche"

David M

"We love the back links, we love the social proof, and it's ignited our customers..."

Steve Bertini

The Team at 10xicon were incredible, the service is very fast, and found the doc of all the links was very helpful. Thanks again. Will be using it again in the future.

MG Team

"I've recommended them to a lot of my friends and everyone has had the same positive review!"

Josh Prussack

This service is awesome. I was hesitant at first, but moved forward and got exactly what I paid for. I can now use the news logos on my website. As a marketer, I know how much this “proof” helps with conversions, and it’s much easier/more cost effective to use this service than to pay a PR company to get the same. And bonus, they delivered way ahead of schedule. Highly recommend!!

Dev Verma

"Instant credibility, social clout to get people aware... Highly recommended!"


Excellent service. Delivered fast and overdelivered on content, worth it just for the backlinks, let alone great quality content snippets. Will 100% recommend.


"Really helped to improve our visibility and increase our SEO..."


Excellent service. Delivered fast and overdelivered on content, worth it just for the backlinks, let alone great quality content snippets. Will 100% recommend.


"We had a lot more exposure and a lot more links back to our website..."


Excellent and speedy service. We will definitely use their services again.


I can’t say enough about these guys. Fast, on top of it. Boom! I’m telling my entrepreneur friends. Thanks’ Dino! You guys ROCK!!!


"We utilized 10xicon and increased our website traffic by 42%"


I have published my first 10xicon article and I'm really impressed with the great service and speed. I highly recommend 10xicon if you are wanting PR Trust, using international Logos and urls to lift the profile and presence of my businesses on my website, socials and in google. Tracy Tully


"The results have been fantastic. Our top 3 in Google have increased significantly."


"It was really good for credibility in the early stages of my product..."


Great, easy-to-use, self service platform. I was shopping around for a month for similar services and decided to go with 10xicon. They were really helpful over email too, answering questions I had. I appreciated their transparency of where the article would be published, that it would be no-follow links, what topics are prohibited etc. Very knowledgeable and honest customer service. I strongly recommend them over cheaper sketchy "PR" services.


Good writing and super fast delivery (4 days). Highly recommend!


I am very picky with people and suppliers of services. My previous career was Quality Auditor, so I know what Excellence looks like. At 10xicon, I found it. I was very satisfied with their help. I asked a lot of questions and they promptly responded to everything with patience and in a satisfactory, kind, and pleasant tone. The article was great, the publications were as promised. I would recommend this service 100%.


"It was just what we needed to get our client back to a steady positive."


10xicon was great to work with! Excellent communication, very well written article! Not only can we say we are "as seen on", but we're also getting a substantial increase in traffic and SEO to our website! We would recommend to anyone!


"Published us to 200+ news portals which has increased number of our readers"

NJ News Times

The team was very helpful and turned around the project very quickly. The article they published was very well done.


I have been searching for a company who could do a press release for me and publicize it in the major networks. I spoke to one company who did not contract with the major networks and only could put me in smaller ones. I spoke to another company who would charge quadruple the amount that I paid here. I saw the ad for 10xicon through Facebook and the price was right so I applied. Within two weeks an amazing article about my company was written and published in hundreds of publications throughout the country! Communication was easy and I highly recommend 10xicon for your PR needs!

K Jill

They are absolutely great to work with! Great communication, great article! All I wanted was to be able to say "as seen on", but I am getting traffic to my website! would recommend to anyone!

Eric Mtm

We are very happy with their service. They were responsive, easy to work with. They said “over 100” media outlets, we got 249! And the “as seen on” looks fantastic on our website. Oh, and their google articles created SEO for us as an unexpected benefit. Now we are adding articles to go beyond our company Wealth 212 to include our brand Keystone Funding Network:)

Ella Karssen

"I really felt like people trusted me more and my conversions increased."


The service and feedback highly appreciated. The 10xicon not only help brands by featuring logos, but it provide high visibility on the internet and Improve The SEO of the website rank.. highly recommended

Donna Albatta

I used 10xicon to push out a press release on my firm, And they were absolutely fantastic to work with. The team was smart and adaptable. They completed the work on time and to my satisfaction. Will definitely be using again.

Joe Tile

"My company has had an increase in traffic... I really do appreciate this!"

Gabrielle Smith

Fast turnaround and great results. Will definitely be using them again.


Fantastic, fast, and convenient service, my brand got featured in 100+ sites in a few days. HIGHLY recommended!!


Highly recommend the team at 10xicon, they do a great job and they have a great process as well. Our articles got shared in a big way. Thanks


"Significant help to our business... It has really boosted visibility online."


Jef and his team did an awesome job! The press release was perfect, and we were all amazed at how quickly everything was handled. For the price, this is a no brainer!


Amazed by the value you get with this team and service! I highly recommend 10xicon to help build exposure for your business and increase sales.


Amazed by the value you get with this team and service! I highly recommend 10xicon to help build exposure for your business and increase sales.


"Now when customers come to my site they really trust me..."


Absolutely excellent service. From an SEO stand point, being featured on these sites is worth so much more than what it cost me. I will definitely use again for other projects, highly recommended.